Though Backdrop 1.6.0 may be considered a minor release, it is packed with new features that improve the powerful content management tools and lays the groundwork for comprehensive file and media management in future releases. 


File Management System

Backdrop 1.6.0 includes a file management interface that allows users to find and manage any file that has been uploaded throughout your site as well as identify all of the places where it has been used!  This is a huge improvement for editors who uploaded images in the past but had no method by which to archive or manage the files that were attached to content.  

You can access the NEW file management interface via Content -> Manage Files.

File Management System
File Management System

Entity View Mode Added to Core

This release includes the ability to specify custom view modes. Rather than being limited to the out-of-box view modes (Teaser, Full, Search Result, Search Index, and RSS), administrators can configure as many new modes as needed, such as a view mode for a carousel, a compact presentation option, or a recommended content display.

Entity View Mode
Entity View Mode in Core!

Mobile-Friendly Menu Toggle

Building on the new menu drop downs introduced in Backdrop 1.5.0, menus now have the option to automatically collapse to a mobile-friendly menu indicator (commonly called a "hamburger menu").

Mobile Friendly Menu Indicator
Mobile-Friendly Toggle Menu.

Enabled Browser Spellcheck on CKEditor Fields

In prior versions, if you attempted to right-click a misspelled word in the CKEditor's body field, you would get the "Copy, Cut, Paste" options, but not the spellcheck options to change the word to its correct spelling. Now your browser will drive the spellcheck and give you the option to correct.

CKEditor Spellcheck
Spellcheck via OS or Browser

Full-Bleed for Hero Layout

Added template files for layouts and the hero block to span the entire page width.

Full Hero Bleed
Full Bleed for Hero in Layouts.

Add Setting to Breadcrumb Block 

Added a setting to the breadcrumb block to allow adding the current page as the last crumb.

Display Current Page as Last Breadcrumb
Current Page as Last Breadcrumb.

Complete changes in Backdrop 1.6.0

As always, there are a whole lot of little improvements going into Backdrop also. For those of you who are curious about all the details, here's our release notes:

New Features:

User Experience Improvements:

Developer Experience Improvements:

Bug fixes: