Modules can add new features to your Backdrop site, or improve the way your existing features currently work.

  1. ACL

    posted Dec 8th 2015

    The ACL module, short for Access Control Lists, is an API for other modules to create lists of users and give them access to nodes. It has no UI of its own and will not do anything by itself; install this module only if some other module tells you to.

  2. Simple Access

    posted Nov 25th 2015

    The Simple Access module provides an easy way to make nodes accessible
    by only a group (or groups) of users. It defaults to only managing
    access of view-ability, so that administrators can simply make some

  3. Coffee

    posted Nov 25th 2015

    The Coffee module helps you to navigate through the Backdrop admin faster, inspired by Alfred and Spotlight (OS X).

  4. Better Formats

    posted Nov 25th 2015
    Better Formats
  5. Tab Tamer

    posted Nov 24th 2015

    Tab Tamer lets you hide, disable and re-order all Backdrop menu tabs.

  6. Edit profile

    posted Nov 22nd 2015

    Creates separate "Edit account" and "Edit profile" tabs for each user, with custom user fields configured under "Edit profile."

  7. Libraries

    posted May 10th 2015

    #Libraries API

    This module is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal contributed module 'Libraries'.

    Libraries API provides external library handling for other Backdrop modules.

  8. Views Load More

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    Yes, this is indeed, Yet another load more pager for views.

    This module has some very key differences then the other load more module.

  9. jQuery Waypoints

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute
    a function whenever you scroll to an element.

  10. Transliteration

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    Transliteration module is included in Backdrop core as of version 1.3.0

    There is no need to install this module, hooray!

  11. Menu position

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    Often times site builders want certain types of content to appear in a specific
    position in the navigational menu. The simplest solution, adding all of that
    content individually to the menu system, has performance and usability issues.

  12. LoginToboggan

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    The Login Toboggan module improves the Backdrop login system in an external
    module by offering the following features:

  13. Login Destination

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    The Login Destination module provides a way to customize the destination that a
    user is redirected to after logging in, registering to the site, using a
    one-time login link or logging out.

  14. Custom Search

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    This module provides new custom search blocks. If you need to have
    options available like in advanced search, but directly in the search block,
    this module is for you.

  15. Float Filter

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    This is a very simple filter that adds surrounding tags around floated img, figure, or table tags.

  16. Add another

    posted Nov 9th 2015

    Add another is designed to save time during repetitive content creation. It allows the content creator to add another node of the same type much faster. The user interface modifications it provides to achieve this include:

  17. Agenda

    posted Oct 23rd 2015

    The Agenda module allows you to display a list of upcoming events from
    Google Calendar as a block on your website.

  18. Hopscotch

    posted May 14th 2015

    This module provides Backdrop integration with Hopscotch by Linkedin.

  19. Simple Google Maps

    posted Oct 1st 2015

    This module is about the simplest way to get a Google Map displayed with your
    content. It simply provides a field formatter for text fields.

  20. Age Formatter

    posted Sep 29th 2015

    This module provides a field formatter for integer fields that computes current
    age from year born.

  21. Code Filter

    posted Sep 27th 2015

    This is a simple filter module. It handles <code> and <?php ?> tags so that users can post code samples without having to worry about escaping with &lt;

  22. WordPress Menu

    posted Sep 17th 2015
    What is WordPress Menu
  23. Date Tools

    posted Sep 17th 2015

    The Date Tools project provides tools to import and auto-create
    dates and calendars. It supplements the core module Date.

    This module is a port to Backdrop of one part of the Drupal project 'Date'.

  24. Date All Day

    posted Sep 17th 2015

    The Date All Day project adds 'All Day' functionality to date fields,
    including an 'All Day' theme and 'All Day' checkboxes for the
    Date select and Date popup widgets.

  25. Nivo Slider

    posted Sep 6th 2015

    Nivo Slider provides an easy and eye-catching way to showcase featured content.