1. EU Cookie Compliance

    The EU Cookie Compliance module enables a website to meet the
    requirements of the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
    regarding the use of cookies.

  2. System Stream Wrapper


    Provides stream wrappers to access module, theme, profile, and library files
    and directories. Note these stream wrappers are read-only as none of these

  3. Image Effects

    The Image Effects module provides a suite of additional image effects that
    can be added to image styles. Image styles let you create derivations of images
    by applying (a series of) effect(s) to it. Think of resizing, desaturating,
    masking, etc.

  4. Style guide

    This module makes a single page on which all common Backdrop elements are
    displayed, such as all message styles, progress bars, form elements, tabs,
    etc. It allows a themer to have a reference for all these elements at once,

  5. Options element

    Options Element is a module that provides a better mechanism to specify select
    list, checkbox, and radio button options. Rather than requiring the user to use
    strange syntax like "key|value" in a textarea, Options Element provides a clean

  6. Blockify

    This module exposes a number of core Backdrop elements as blocks.

  7. Markdown Extra filter

    Don't use this module.

    Markdown Extra merged into Markdown.

  8. Default Views Convert to Config

    This module produces Backdrop-compatible config code from Drupal 7
    hook_views_default_views() code.

  9. Profile

    Supports configurable user profiles.

  10. Views term hierarchy weight field

    This module allows you to filter or sort terms according to their hierarchical
    order or hierarchical depth.

  11. Views term hierarchy

    This module provides views sort handler to sort terms in hierarchical order.

  12. Special Menu Items


    Special Menu Items is a module that enables "placeholder" and "separator" menu
    items. A placeholder is a menu item which is actually not a link. Something like

  13. Auto Assign Role

    This module automatically assigns new users to a specific role when the user
    initially signs up for their account. It was written in response to a question
    on the support mailing list ... The list asked that it be submitted as a module
    so here it is.

  14. SMS Framework


    Provides a pluggable API for Backdrop to interact with SMS messages.

  15. Clickatell


    This module provides integration between the clickatell SMS service and the
    SMS framework project.

  16. Block Disabler

    Allows admins to hide blocks without removing from the layout.

  17. View Mode Selector

    View Mode Selector creates a new field type called View mode selector which
    will override the view mode of an entity.

  18. External Links

    The External Links module is a very simple approach to adding icons to links
    to external websites or e-mail addresses. It is a purely JavaScript
    implementation, so the icons are only shown to users that have JavaScript

  19. Previous login

    Add a detective security control to Backdrop by displaying the previous login timestamp after a successful login.

  20. GitHub API

    #GitHubapi - GitHub API integration module
    This module provide API and settings to connect your website with your GitHub organisations and repositories via GitHub API and GitHub Application.

  21. robots.txt

    Control the contents of your robots.txt file through Backdrop configuration.

  22. Session expire

    Deletes user sessions which have been idle longer than a configured time.

    On busy sites, the sessions table can grow to be very large, and that can cause slow accesses to it, as well as slow writes due to locking, leading to performance bottlenecks.

  23. Session limit

    Limit the number of simultaneous sessions users may have. Limits can be applied by role and per account.

    Force users to log out of any extra sessions after they exceed the administrator-defined maximum.

  24. Site verification

    Verify ownership of your Backdrop website to search engine services.

    Supported vendors are:

  25. Ejector Seat

    Use Javascript (ajax) code to check periodically to see if a user is still logged in. If the user is NOT logged in, the current page is reloaded so that the user sees the page as an anonymous user.