We merge eligible fixes for any contributed project

The Backdrop Bug Squad consists of trusted members of the backdrop-contrib group who will help maintainers stay on top of minor bug fixes and User Interface improvements. 

This team is intended to help contributors stay on top of minor bug fixes and User Interface improvements by merging Pull Requests that have been "Reviewed and tested by the community" for a period of at least 2 weeks.

Our mission includes:

  • to take the burden of project maintainership off of single individuals, and making it a responsibility of the community to step in when needed
  • to improve the overall quality of contributed projects, by reducing the amount of time it takes for bugs to be fixed
  • to support abandoned projects for those who are still using them

Our Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing Pull Requests for eligibility
  • Merging eligible Pull Requests
  • Communicating with existing maintainers
  • Creating a new releases when a sufficiently severe bug has been fixed

The Backdrop Bug Squad can merge eligible Pull Requests for any project, it does not need to be abandoned. 

Fixes eligible include:

  • Bug fixes (Fatal errors, PHP notices, validation errors, etc)
  • Minor User Interface improvements (typos, spelling, grammar, terminology, etc)
  • Cross-ports of fixes from the original Drupal project (if applicable)
  • Packaging issues preventing the project from being downloaded and installed via the Project Browser
  • Any changes to an abandoned project.

Fixes NOT eligible include:

  • Any new feature
  • Any major code change, refactor, or addition
  • Any security fix (these should be handled by the security team)

You may apply to become a member of the Backdrop Bug Squad by creating an issue in the contrib queue. GitHub members can view a list of people on the Bug Squad.