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It's a clean and minimal Backdrop-oriented Bootstrap-based theme inspired by the Drupal Bootstrap theme. It is a totally separate project from the Drupal Bootstrap theme with no guarantied compatibility between the two themes.

Demo site.


  1. BootstrapCDN based.
  2. Bootswatch support (via BootstrapCDN) included. Easy to pick a Bootswatch free theme.
  3. Font awesome support included.
  4. Other tweaks:
  • Navbar settings (fixed, static, top, bottom).
  • Navbar user menu with cog icon.
  • Breadcrumbs tweaks.
  • Ability to use fluid or fixed width.
  • "XX time ago" for nodes and comments instead of regular time.

Excluded from original Drupal Bootstrap code

  • Starter kit. But you still can create a sub theme. See Developing themes
  • Tooltip. The feature is there, but you need to follow the documentation to make it work.
  • Popovers. The feature is there, but you need to follow the documentation to make it work.
  • Anchors settings. I believe this one needs to be done via a module.
  • Well settings.



  • The navbar content is controlled by a layout block - "Header block". By changing settings for the "Header block", you can control the visibility of the menu, logo, sitename and site slogan.


- Tooltops, Popovers implementation in a better way to integrate with Backdrop.
- Add the ability to have different container settings for different layouts. For example: fluid for Default Layout and fixed for Default Administrative Layout.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.


Thanks to the Drupal Bootstrap theme Authors

Drupal Bootstrap

Drupal Bootstrap theme
If you are interested in the Drupal Bootstrap theme port to Backdrop, please see: Backdrop port issue