Backdrop Console is a command line utility for Backdrop CMS developers. It is
aimed at speeding up your development cycles.


  • Not Windows compatible
  • Possible API changes
  • Under active development


  • Clone this repository to your computer (your home directory is a good place):
    • git clone
  • Make b.php executable:
    • chmod +x b.php
  • Put a symlink to b.php in your $PATH:
    • sudo ln -s /home/[username]/b/b.php /usr/local/bin/b
  • Test to make sure it works:
    • Simply type b (you should see a list of available commands printed out)


Please use b help to see full list of available commands.

At the moment the following commands are available:

 cache-clear        Clear a specific cache, or all Backdrop caches.
                    aliases: cc
config-get         Show config settings.
config-list        Show a list of configs.
config-set         Set config settings.
core-status        Provides a birds-eye view of the current Backdrop installation, if any.
                    This is test example how to add your own callback on command.
                    aliases: status, st
cron               Process cron.
help               Display help.
pm-disable         Disable one or more modules.
                    Disable one or more themes.
                    aliases: dis
pm-download        Download contrib package.
                    aliases: dl
pm-enable          Enable one or more modules.
                    Enable one or more themes.
                    aliases: en
pm-list            Show a list of available extensions (modules, layouts or themes).
                    aliases: pml
pm-uninstall       Uninstall one or more modules.
                    aliases: pmu
pm-info            Show detailed info for one or more extensions (modules or themes).
                    aliases: pmi
site-install       Install Backdrop along with modules/themes/configuration using the specified install profile.
                    aliases: si
updatedb           Apply any database updates required (as with running update.php).
                    aliases: updb
updatedb-status    Show a list of updates.
                    aliases: updbst
watchdog-show      Show dblog messages.
                    aliases: wd-show, ws

To see command details, use b help command_name:

# b help site-install
Extension site_install
Install Backdrop along with modules/themes/configuration using the specified install profile.

--root         : Set the working directory for the script to the specified path. Required if running this script from
                :  a directory other than the Backdrop root.
--db-url       : A Drupal 6 style database URL. Only required for initial install - not re-install.
                : example: mysql://root:pass@host/db
--db-prefix    : An optional table prefix to use for initial install.  Can be a key-value array of tables/prefixes in
                :  a drushrc file (not the command line).
--account-name : uid1 name. Defaults to admin
--account-pass : uid1 pass. Defaults to a randomly generated password. If desired, set a fixed password in
                : p.
--account-mail : uid1 email. Defaults to
--locale       : A short language code. Sets the default site language. Language files must already be present. You m
                : ay use download command to get them.
                : example: en-GB
--clean-url    : Defaults to 1
--site-name    : Defaults to Site-Install
--site-mail    : From: for system mailings. Defaults to

profile   : The install profile you wish to run. Default is "standard"
key=value : Any additional settings you wish to pass to the profile. The key is in the form [form name].[parameter na
           : me]

Aliases: si


Thanks to drush

This module was inspired by (and some code and logic was copied from)


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.