Event Date: 
Mar 3rd, 2020

The recording of this VUG meeting is available here.

  • 12:00 Oakland, CA - USA
  • 15:00 New York, NY - USA
  • 21:00 Berlin - Germany
  • 7:00 Melbourne, Australia (March 4th)
  • Check here for your time zone: https://bit.ly/32nGh37

We're meeting via zoom: http://bit.ly/backdrop-meetings

You have a perfectly good Drupal 7 site that does everything you need it to do, but Drupal 7 is nearing its end-of life. If you haven't considered moving to Backdrop CMS, you may be surprised to learn that Backdrop could be your most affordable option -- especially if you've invested heavily in custom code. Come watch a live upgrade (not a migration) of a Drupal 7 website to Backdrop CMS. You'll get a chance to experience everything that is familiar after the upgrade, and see some of the areas that have been improved. We'll also cover some of the similarities and differences between the Drupal and Backdrop communities.

On March 4th, you are invited to our open office hours to ask questions and get help from Backdrop CMS experts. 

About the speaker:

Jennifer Lea Lampton has been building websites since 1997, and participating in open-source communities since 2006. She maintains several Open Source projects, and contributes fixes to many others projects as it relates to the needs of her work.


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