Event Date: 
Jan 5th, 2021
Attend this event remotely: 

Contributed Modules (Lightning Talks)

This virtual user group meeting will happen in Zoom at: https://bit.ly/backdrop-meetings-new.

This months VUG will be a series of short (5-10 minutes) demonstrations of our favorite contributed modules. We'd love to have you do a presentation on your favorite module

Date: Tues. Jan 5, 2020 (or 6th in some time zones)


  • 10:00 Oakland, CA - USA
  • 13:00 Lima, Peru
  • 13:00 New York, NY - USA
  • 15:00 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 18:00 London, England
  • 19:00 Berlin - Germany
  • 20:00 Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 5:00 Melbourne, Australia (Jan 8th)
  • Check here for your time zone: http://bit.ly/3p3x5Lg

We plan to record each lightning talk individually and share them on Youtube after the event. 

  • Hallway conversations about Backdrop CMS
  • Talks or Sessions about Backdrop CMS
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