Event Date: 
Feb 4th, 2020

We're going to spend this session talking about the contrib space for Backdrop CMS. We'll ask a few active participants in the contrib space to share something that they are working on or released recently and to talk about their experience with contrib for Backdrop CMS. We'll ask everyone to come prepared to share a couple of their favorite Backdrop CMS modules. 

Date: Tues. Feb 4, 2020 (or 5th in some time zones)

We're going to try an earlier time slot than usual for this VUG. 


  • 10:00 Oakland, CA - USA
  • 13:00 New York, NY - USA
  • 19:00 Berlin - Germany
  • 5:00 Melbourne, Australia (Jan 8th)
  • Check here for your time zone: https://bit.ly/36xp3ku

This virtual user group meeting will happen in Zoom at: http://bit.ly/backdrop-meetings, it will be recorded and posted to Youtube after the event is over.

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