Event Date: 
Mar 2nd, 2021
Attend this event remotely: 

There are several command line tools for Backdrop CMS in the contributed project space. At this user group meeting we'll look at the available options and discuss the future of command line tools for Backdrop CMS. 


Zoom link = https://bit.ly/2NSJ69q


NOTE: The time of this VUG has been moved 1 hour earlier than previously scheduled. See below for correct times.

Some time zones:

Tues March 2nd

  • 01:00pm Oakland, Seattle
  • 04:00pm Boston, Miami, Lima
  • 06:00pm São Paulo, Buenos Aires
  • 09:00pm London
  • 10:00pm Berlin, Prague
  • 11:00pm Athens, Helsinki, Johannesburg

Wed March 3rd

  • 12:00am Moscow, Istanbul
  • 05:00am Manila, Singapore
  • 06:00am Tokyo, Seoul
  • 08:00am Sydney

More time zones

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