Event Date: 
Mar 4th, 2024 to Mar 6th, 2024
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FOSS  Backstage -  March 4th & 5th

What makes an open source project flourish? We want to encourage more discourse about the non-coding aspects of successful open source projects. Join us to learn more about what goes on behind the stages of Free and Open Source Software!

FOSS  Backstage Design -  March 6th

At #FOSSDesign we want to dedicate an entire day to UX & Design in Open Source. Building a great user experience for FOSS projects comes with special challenges, which is why we think those challenges should be discussed at a dedicated event. As a sub-event of FOSS Backstage we want to bring people from different FOSS projects together to exchange ideas and discuss best practices. Learn more at https://24.foss-backstage.de/#fossdesign

  • More TBD!