1. Configurable Block Style

    This module provides a block style with many configuration options to allow easy
    customization of the look of your blocks.

  2. Node access node reference

    Gives content access permissions to users if they have access to content that is
    referenced with Node reference or Entity reference. Checks view, update, and delete grant
    operations, and can pass those on to the referencing content, or trigger a

  3. Node access user reference

    Gives content access permissions to users for content that references the users
    with user reference.

  4. Forum Access

    Forum Access changes your forum administration pages to let you apply
    role-based permissions to each forum, and to give each forum individual

    Moderators automatically get all privileges on all posts in that forum,
    including edit and delete.

  5. Chain Menu Access API

    Chain Menu Access API allows your module to chain its own menu access callback functions into other modules' menu router entries.

    This module is an API module. It has no functionality on its own. Install it only if some other module requires it.

  6. Feeds

    An import and aggregation framework for Backdrop. Import or aggregate data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records.

  7. User Reference URL Widget

    The User Reference URL Widget module adds a new widget to the User Reference
    field type. It auto-populates a user reference field with a value from the URL,
    and does not allow this value to be changed once set.

  8. Compact Forms

    Compact Forms presents text fields for selected forms in a more compact fashion
    using jQuery.

  9. Instagram Feed

    Display the Instagram feed of any @user or #tag on your site. No API access
    tokens or authentication methods needed!

  10. Feeds XPath Parser

    Feeds XPath Parser is a Feeds plugin for parsing XML and HTML documents. It enables site builders to leverage the power of Feeds to easily import data from complex, external data sources.

  11. Facebook Page Plugin

    Facebook Page Plugin provides a configurable block that displays an embedded
    timeline for the specified Facebook Page. It's an integration of Facebook's
    Page Plugin API.

  12. References

    References project enables you to add node reference and user reference fields
    to your content types.

  13. Default Views Convert to Config

    When converting Drupal 7 modules to Backdrop, Default Views Convert to Config
    module can produce Backdrop-compatible configuration code from Drupal 7
    hook_views_default_views() code.

  14. One-Page Navigation

    The One-Page Navigation module enhances one-page sites by adding smooth
    scrolling (when you click a hash/fragment link (example.com/#about), the page
    will scroll smoothly up/down to bring the linked element into view) and smart

  15. Nodequeue

    Allows people to put content into an ordered grouping.

  16. Headless

    Headless is a read only API to deliver Backdrop nodes, terms, views, and
    paragraphs as json endpoints.

  17. TFA Basic Plugins

    Intent is to provide basic functionality of TFA Backdrop module and to be an
    example of TFA plugin development.

  18. Two-factor Authentication (TFA)

    Second-factor authentication for Backdrop sites. Backdrop provides authentication
    via something you know -- a username and password while TFA module adds a second
    step of authentication with a check for something you have -- such as a code sent

  19. Maxlength

    MaxLength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form making use
    of the Form API. This includes fields created using the UI (e.g. any text
    field on a node). It is compatible with Backdrop's CKEditor out of the box.

  20. Webform Validation

    This module adds an extra tab to each webform node, allowing you to specify
    validation rules for your webform components. You can create one or more of the
    predefined validation rules, and select which webform component(s) should be

  21. Search Index Wipe


    This module cleans up search index built by search module. It is helpful
    while deploying large sites whose search index becomes massive. The

  22. Search Index Options

                             Search Index Options
    Brought by Backdrop aficionados at AltaGrade.com <info@altagrade.com>
    Project homepage: https://backdropcms.org/project/search_index_options
  23. Transliteration

    Transliteration module is included in Backdrop core as of version 1.3.0

    There is no need to install this module, hooray!

  24. Minify

    The Minify module is designed to improve the speed at which pages on your
    website will load. Pages can be rendered using minified versions of both
    HTML and JavaScript files.

  25. Search Krumo

    Search Krumo extends the devel module by adding search capability to dpm()

    You can search for keys or values. You can also copy the path to an item
    in an array/object.

    Example: $variables['page']->node->nid