1. Manual Crop

    The Manual Crop module exposes a set of image style effects that allow you
    to crop (and scale) an image after uploading.

  2. Akismet

    Integrates with the Akismet content moderation service: https://akismet.com



  3. Headless

    Headless is a read only API to deliver Backdrop nodes, terms, views, and
    paragraphs as json endpoints.

  4. Entity Pager

    Provides next and previous navigation on entities.

    You can add multiple different navigation blocks on the same entity.
    This module combines Views, Blocks, Tokens and has its own internal intelligent
    advice system with run fast with the minimum of processing.

  5. Metatag

    Provide structured metadata, aka "meta tags", for pages on your site.

  6. Jarallax - Just Another Parallax plugin

    Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images using the Jarallax
    plugin from nk-o.

  7. Webform

    Webform is the module for making forms and surveys in Backdrop.

  8. Devel generate text settings

    This module allows you to control the length and format of generated content
    for text and long text fields. This only applies to generation of node content
    for now.

  9. Pathauto

    Pathauto module is included in Backdrop core as of version 1.1.

    If you are curious you can likely still find older versions of this project on GitHub.

  10. Job Scheduler

    Hidden settings are variables that you can define by adding them to the $conf
    array in your settings.php file.

    Name: 'job_scheduler_class_' . $name
    Default: 'JobScheduler'
    Description: The class to use for managing a particular schedule.

  11. Nodequeue

    Allows people to put content into an ordered grouping.

  12. Profile

    Supports configurable user profiles.

  13. Block Background Color

    Block Background Module will help to set a custom background color to the
    blocks. The user can choose the color using a color picker field for each
    block in the block configuration page.

  14. GDPR Cookies

    NB This is a renamed version of a port of the Drupal module
    blizz_vanisher. It is recommended that users install this
    newer version which will be updated and improved as issues are

  15. PhotoSwipe

    Photoswipe provides a jQuery-based photo gallery offering good mobile browsing features, in
    particular swiping to the next picture.

    It is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal module, v7.x-2.0 beta 4 (Dec 2018).

  16. Taxonomy CSV import/export

    This module allows to import or export taxonomy from or to a CSV
    (comma-separated values) local or distant file or a copy-and-paste text.

  17. Charts

    Charts module provides a unified format to build any kind of chart with any
    chart provider.

  18. Date Multiselect

    Javascript multiselect calendar widget using the MultiDatesPicker library on
    top of the date_popup module. This will provide a new date_multiselect widget
    to use on the date, datetime, and timestamp field types.

  19. Maintenance Page

    This module provides a customisable 'maintenance mode' page, without the need
    for theming.

    It allows you to customise:

  20. Views Slideshow: Galleria

    This is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal contributed module
    'Views Slideshow: Galleria' version 7.x-3.2.
    It integrates the jQuery library Galleria with Views Slideshow.

  21. Views Slideshow

    This is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal contributed module 'Views Slideshow' v7.x-3.x

    It provides an API module Views Slideshow and one implementation of
    that API in a submodule Views Slideshow Cycle.

  22. Plupload integration module

    This module integrates the Plupload library version 1.5.8 with Backdrop forms.

    This is a port from the Drupal module of the same name, version 7.x-1.7.

  23. TFA Basic Plugins

    Intent is to provide basic functionality of TFA Backdrop module and to be an
    example of TFA plugin development.

  24. Two-factor Authentication (TFA)

    Second-factor authentication for Backdrop sites. Backdrop provides authentication
    via something you know -- a username and password while TFA module adds a second
    step of authentication with a check for something you have -- such as a code sent

  25. PHPExcel

    The PHPExcel module allows developers to export/import data to/from Excel files.

    The idea behind this module is to have a single module for handling the export or
    import of Excel files, instead of multiple modules handling specific cases.