1. Brush

  2. Search Krumo

    Search Krumo extends the devel module by adding search capability to dpm()

    You can search for keys or values. You can also copy the path to an item
    in an array/object.

    Example: $variables['page']->node->nid

  3. Login whitelist

    Restrict login to your site for whitelisted users only, protect against "lazy"
    brute force attack and harmful malformed login requests.

  4. Node clone

    Node Clone

    The Clone module allows users to make a copy of an existing node and then edit
    that copy easily. This module has also been used by some to facilitate node templating.

  5. HybridAuth

    HybridAuth Social Login bundles the HybridAuth library (v2.17.0) and allows
    your Backdrop site users to login and register using:

  6. XML sitemap

    Adds a configurable XML sitemap that conforms to the sitemaps.org specification.

  7. Video Filter

    This is a highly flexible and easy extendable filter module to embed any type
    of video in your site using a simple tag. Other modules can add video
    sites/formats (called codecs) using an easy plug-in architecture.

  8. User protect

    This module provides various editing protections for user accounts.

  9. Paranoia

    Impose additional restrictions on the granting of elevated privileges to anonymous and authenticated user roles.

  10. Tugboat

    Tugboat.qa is a service that allows for the deployment of
    preview websites, generally for testing and quality assurance during
    development. This module provides integration with Tugboat to allow creating

  11. Elysia Cron

    Elysia Cron extends Backdrop CMS standard cron, allowing a fine grain control over each task and several ways to add custom cron jobs to your site.

  12. Project

    This is a suite of modules used on BackdropCMS.org to provide listings of
    projects such as modules, themes, and layouts. The base module simply
    provides the ability to mark certain content types as "projects". Additional

  13. Devel

    This module contains helper functions for Backdrop developers. It provides a
    wide array of tools for examining the functionality of your site, including:

  14. Resave Nodes

    The Resave Nodes module allows for the automatic resaving of nodes. The
    resaving of nodes can be handled automatically through Backdrop's cron
    functionality. The nodes that are resaved can be either the ones that have been

  15. Compact Forms

    Compact Forms simplifies forms by hiding field labels and using placeholder text

    By default, only the user login block is switched to the compact style, but the
    behaviour can be added to any form by adding the form's ID to the Compact Forms
    settings page.

  16. Invite

    Initially created and maintained for Drupal by David Hill (tatonca) and Stefan M.
    Kudwien (https://github.com/smk).


    A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human. The purpose of CAPTCHA is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can.

  18. Views Selective Exposed Filters

    Allows to have an exposed filter only show options that belong to result set.

  19. srcset Image

    Provides a field formatter that outputs responsive images utilising the srcset
    image attribute.

  20. Auto Menu Settings

    Adds content type settings that help automate the creation of menu items for
    nodes. These include:

  21. Entity tokens

    Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are
    known to the entity API. Enable to use.

    Note on Drupal compatibility: Unlike the Drupal 7 version, this Backdrop
    version uses underscores in tokens rather than dashes.

  22. Views Accordion

    Views Accordion provides a display style plugin for the Views module.
    It will take the results and display them as a jQuery UI accordion. It supports
    grouping of fields and ajax pagination.

  23. JSONPath Parser

    JSONPath Parser is a Feeds parser that allows parsing JSON files using the
    JSONPath library. It is very similar to the Feeds XPath Parser module.

  24. Disable Term Content Listings


    By default on taxonomy term pages, Backdrop will display a teaser list of
    content that is tagged with that term, in reverse chronological order.

  25. Multiselect

    The Multiselect module defines a field type and Form API multiple selection field widget, to allow easier multi-selection for users.

    Multiselect was by Mark W. Jarrell (attheshow) at Fleet Thought.