Launch Date: 
Friday, Jan 22nd, 2021

Finally... I got all my sites off Drupal.  This was the last site I needed to get off Drupal 7 and it's finally done.  This website is the base website for one of my Web Development businesses that currently targets Tokyo, Japan but also handles websites in the US as well.  Developers created a custom export mod from Drupal 7 and a custom import mod into Backdrop which saved lots of time (the same mods were used for one of our major sites called  Once again, we removed LOTS of junk code, features, etc. that weren't being used efficiently and just slowed down the site, made it overly-complicated and introduced way too much extra code which of course is susceptible to hacking.  I REALLY like Backdrop, after all... my main web dev site and my biggest site are on it but I must admit the ONLY reason I go to WP for some clients is because of the Media Library.  I know it's a very complicated feature in WP but if Backdrop had a Media Manager like WP... dang... that would be sweet.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

Backdrop is FAST!  Backdrop is super powerful! Backdrop is easy to code in and I'm loving the super simple update method (basically just delete "core", add core).