Launch Date: 
Monday, Sep 18th, 2023

Ona Codinenca is a local radio broadcast station run as a non-profit organization by more than 80 people for the last 18 years. They produce some 30 programs on many topics: from news, to music, sport, culture, etc. They even have a program on music discovering in English. Furthermore, they also cover some local news, along with a local association of radio stations.

Their website shows some of the news they cover, a list of programs and a schedule. Ona Codinenca also publishes the podcasts for every program thanks to the service of Enacast and its API. This allows them to show the latest podcast for every program, as well as a player to listen to the live broadcast.

We wrote a new contrib module, published on, to connect with the API service of Enacast. Moreover, we wrote a new module to show the right schedule on every day of the week. There was a requirement to be able to schedule fortnight programs, which was not available on their former website. A third module was written for a sports program which plays a pool game with its audience.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

Their former website was run on a WordPress with an unsupported radio station theme. Its schedule did not accept fortnight programs. We had to migrate all the content with a mix of techniques and modules, like feeds and WordPress import.

Backdrop provided us with the tools to migrate the old WordPress and to code the new functionality with little effort.