Launch Date: 
Thursday, Apr 13th, 2017 is a travel website geared toward English speaking people who want to visit Japan. The site offers "Packages", "Day Trips" and "Customized Tours". This website was built with the Backdrop CMS (which is based in the code Drupal 7). Backdrop CMS is extremely fast compared to other CMS systems and simple to use. The website utilizes the built in features of Backdrop to create "lists" of items (tours) and reference content from other pieces of content. The site has approximately 5 different types of content, normal pages and a webform. This website also uses a front page rotator and a customized menu that works great for desktops or mobile devices.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

Honestly... this was a big project and I originally started coding in WordPress for safety but after adding a few content types with tons of fields the WordPress site became so bogged down and slow (even in the back-end) I tossed it and gave Backdrop a try. I was worried Backdrop wouldn't have all the necessary modules I needed... but, it did! Furthermore I was a lead developer of a Drupal 7 shop and Backdrop was very easy for me to custom code. For small to mid-sized (even large) sites I would choose Backdrop over Drupal 8 or Wordpress for its speed especially and ease of use.