Launch Date: 
Thursday, Oct 31st, 2019

The IBA acts as a conduit to assist IBA member banks in finding the appropriate IBA associate member to fulfill their needs; while also assisting IBA associate members, as they target appropriate IBA member banks with their products or services. The Association is ever alert for viable companies of benefit to the Indiana banking community.

We were tasked with taking an already well functioning D7 site and giving it a new look that best represents the audience of IBA. The project was broken into the following sections.

  • UX/UI research and development
  • Graphic Design
  • Theme development
  • Migration of Content
  • Porting of approximately 10 custom modules and 20 contributed modules
  • Functional testing
  • Browser and Device testing
  • Deployment

We have had a very smooth project from end to end and we credit Backdrop for a large portion of the success.


Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

We chose Backdrop for the simple reason that Drupal 7 is a great framework that could use some small improvements. We found that Backdrop has made the small improvements and at the same time insuring a smooth migration path. We are heavily invested in custom modules for complex integrations to various member management systems. We have experienced that using Drupal since version 4 that with every major release we have had to perform a near complete rewrite of our modules. This is not cost effective nor do we feel that it is good business practice. 

Where Backdrop shines is in the Philosophy and Process they have developed for updates and upgrades... We have found this to be the perfect fit for our business model.