The forTEXT team describes digital humanities methods, text collections and tools on their website – from digital annotation to digitally supported interpretation and visualization of literature. Their website also provides articles about self-learning and teaching digital text analysis methods at universities and schools.

The concept of the forTEXT website is being developed continuously, and the requirements change from time to time. The project needs an editor-friendly content management system which is easy to maintain and allows adaptions by the site architect which are not too costly.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

The design of the website was developed with WordPress in mind and then rebuilt as a subtheme of Backdrop's core theme Basis. When we were asked to build the website, we knew we'd need a more flexible system than WordPress, for instance Drupal. The current version (D8) seemed however too big for the project. So we chose Backdrop, and so far it does the job very well.

(Credits: Header photo by Aleksei I on Unsplash)