Launch Date: 
Sunday, Jan 30th, 2022

This Parts catalog has a complex parametric search that allows circuit breaker buyers to select the top defining parameters they MUST have. This reduces the choices from tens of thousands of options to a convenient handful.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures the OEM buyer identifies the right part quickly to place an order
  • Allows homeowners and "repairmen" to find replacement parts themselves - who wants to wait online for a call centre!
  • The ease of use is switching customers from competitive products to CBI
  • Helps inexperienced small distributors select the right part for their customers - reducing returns and the need for samples
  • Takes pressure of the sales team for support calls
  • Operates 24-7
  • Replaces a 300 page printed catalogue that must be constantly updated

How the website works

  • The buyer selects their required parameters from the search on the left. The parts are reduced to a handful of options - all suitable for their needs.
  • From there the buyer can immediately click open the popup box to view all details, request a sample, or place an order with the manufacturer.

The Client's support team used to field dozens of daily phone calls from distributors and repairmen. Now their distributors and end-users can quickly search for what part they need themselves.

The repairman can also immediately download installation instructions and drawings. There are FAQs to help less experienced customers understand how circuit breakers work, and why CBI circuit breakers are a global leader.

Rethinking parts stock management

The client had always categorized parts based on manufacturing components, and not in terms of the buyer's requirements parameters. It was considered that only a human with years of experience and training could identify the ideal part for any application. Originally they requested an "expert" decision tree.

A 3 month process identified the parameters that buyers care about, and then the SAP manufacturing and stock management database needed to be restructured to capture information in this way.  Only the first 4000 parts have been "edited". Eventually over 30 000 "standard" parts will be listed.

The specification and database restructure was written by Dianne Volek in consultation with the client's sales team. The website was designed and developed by InTouch24-7 Inc.

So what is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker works like a fuse to protect equipment, and is hugely complex with over 200 individual manufactured components. They are usually incorporated into appliances and equipment, to prevent electricity surges from damaging sensitive equipment. When the OEM manufacturer (or a repairman) needs to replace the component, they must select an identical part.

Every year the client created a 300 page printed catalogue that OEM manufacturers were expected to use. Manufacturers often bought the same part for years, when newer and more efficient parts exist. Now they have a way to make the right decision.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 

Only Backdrop could be used for this project.

  • The D9 parametric search isn't working
  • The D7 parametric search was excellent, but didn't have some more recent advances.
  • We didn't want to tie the client into old technology.
  • Two alternative platforms were considered, but none have the Ajax parametric search.
  • The client needs to be able to do some updating themselves - but only around parts
  • The client wanted to use their own hosting provider who offers a fully managed service and also handles email, domains etc.

Backdrop benefits

  • The system is going to be critical to sales, and it needs a solid foundation to manage a lot of data
  • There is no IT team in-house to manage complex technology infrastructure.
  • Good Feeds were critical as most of the data will be imported and exported.
  • The system needs to be flexible. This is just the first stage and the client loves it.They have a whole set of new requests that will be phased.

Thank you to the amazing BackdropCMS community

Several requirements were not available in Backdrop at the time. The development community was incredible about finding solutions and even adapting and developing improvements over the D7 original search.

Backdrop is one of the few CMS systems that I trust to be able to handle whatever the client thinks up.