Launch Date: 
Monday, May 1st, 2017

The Catholic Mobilizing Network had an aging Wordpress site that had grown quite clunky as time went on. Content had to be categorized via a huge list of tags that required much scrolling and was slow to get through and the same content had to be added in multiple locations to achieve the desired effect, resulting in redundancies and inconsistencies. The site was cleaned up, redesigned, restructured, made mobile-friendly and much more intuitive for both administrators and end-users. The interactive map was made editable via the interface, collecting state-level news and events in the popup windows and color-coding state pins based on the status that an admin selects. Upcoming executions were personalized with photos and a dropdown select for the execution status. A deeper integration with their Salsa platform was included to make the site and the CRM/advocacy tool work more closely.

Why was Backdrop chosen for this project? 
  • Backdrop excels at allowing content to be tagged or categorized in multiple ways so we could break apart the huge list of tags into separate selections which could be applied only to specific types of content. This makes the administrator's job much easier.
  • Layouts in Backdrop allow a user-friendly way to format landing pages for various types of content: events, issues, resources, and so on.
  • Views allows an easy way to create dynamic, filterable pages for news, events and resources.