Wednesday, Mar 16th, 2022
Advisory ID: 
Security risk: 
Moderately Critical
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Third Party Libraries
Versions affected: 
  • Backdrop Core 1.21.x versions prior to 1.21.4
  • Backdrop Core 1.20.x versions prior to 1.20.7

Backdrop versions 1.19 and prior do not receive security coverage.


The Backdrop project uses the CKEditor library for rich-text editing. CKEditor has released a security update that impacts Backdrop.

If a Backdrop site is configured to use CKEditor for rich-text editing, an attacker that can create or edit content (even without access to CKEditor themselves) may be able to exploit one or more Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Victims may be people who later edit that content using CKEditor, including site admins with privileged access.

For more information, see CKEditor's security advisories:



Upgrade your site to the most recent version of Backdrop core. Download available on the Backdrop CMS 1.21.4 release page. See the update instructions, if needed.

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Security email list

Backdrop maintains a security mailing list. Whenever a security release comes out, an email will be sent to everyone subscribed to that list, announcing the new release. Please follow the steps below to join the Security email list.

  1. Log in to
  2. Edit your profile
  3. Switch to the "Subscriptions" tab
  4. Check the box labeled "Security updates"
  5. Save the form