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Bundler is the standard for managing Ruby gem dependencies, and it is highly encouraged you use it to ensure that your project is using the correct version of required gems. If you are updating your gems without understanding what they break, it's likely you're going to get yourself into trouble. Bundler helps to ensure you can use the cutting edge gems on new projects while not breaking old projects.

Installing Bundler is easy, type the following into your command line:

gem install bundler

Once you've installed Bundler, in your theme's directory, where your config.rb file is, create a file called Gemfile. The Gemfile that comes with new Wormhole 1.x subthemes looks like this:

# Pull gems from RubyGems
source ''

gem 'toolkit', '~>1.0.0'
gem 'singularitygs', '~>1.0.7'
gem 'breakpoint', '~>2.0.2'

# Now that you're using Bundler, you need to run
`bundle exec compass watch` instead of simply
`compass watch`.

Once you've set up your Gemfile, in your command line, run the following:

bundle install

This will install the relevant gems and ensure your theme stays at those versions. Then, to compile, instead of using compass watch, use the following:

bundle exec compass watch

Using Bower

Alternatively, Singularity can be installed with Bower:

bower install singularity --save

Using Eyeglass

Singularity can even be installed as an Eyeglass module!

npm install singularitygs --save-dev


Singularity requires a Sass compiler with full feature parity with the
Ruby Sass 3.3 implementation in order to work.

Setting Up a Basic Grid

Grids are made of 3 parts, the Grid definition defining columns, Gutter definition defining spacing between columns, Gutter Style defining how gutters are positioned relative to a column. Singularity supports Symmetric and Asymmetric grids, as well as fluid and fixed gutters. Setting grids up this way puts them into Singularity's Global Grid Context.

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.

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