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User Prune lets you delete inactive users in batches based on criteria you specify. The pruning be scheduled as a cron job, or executed a single time.

The main criteria is the time since the user last logged in or, if never logged in before, the time since the user was created.

Additional criteria:

  • Users with a certain status (blocked or active).
  • Users with certain roles.
  • Users who never posted comments.
  • Users who never created nodes.
  • Users have subscriptions via Notifications module.
  • Users that are a part of an Organic Group.
  • Users who have submitted a webform.
  • Users who have requested a translation job through TMGMT.


How to use

  • Go to the settings form at admin/config/people/user-prune.
  • Choose the criteria and click Preview to see a sample of users.
  • Click Save Configuration in order to save the settings. Clicking Preview alone will not.
  • Either select Prune Now or enable pruning on cron.


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.