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The user guide recipe enables the book module and configures it for you to create a custom User Guide for your site editor or site members. This is content is specifically avialable for logged in users or site admins. Through the use of the Content View Access module, you can make the User Guide available to whatever roles you like.

The module also creates a Backdrop CMS user guide which add content specific to Backdrop CMS with links to the Backdrop CMS documentation site for additional information. You can keep this content or delete it.


You can download and install this module in the usual way. Be aware that this module will create content that can only be deleted manually.


Specifically, here is a list of the changes that this module makes to your site:

  • Enables the Book module (in core) and creates a User Guide book. The User Guide has general information about Backdrop, but can also be customized and used as a site specific User Guide for this site.
  • Installs and enables the Content View Access module. The Content View Access module is a contrib module that allows us to easily set access permissions for specific content types. We are using this module to make Book pages only accessible to authenticated users.

Uninstall or Upgrade Options

It is not currently possible to uninstall or upgrade this recipe.
If you no longer wish to keep this functionality, you will need
to remove the items added by the recipe manually.


We have been experimenting with a series of Recipe modules that can be used to add specific features or funcationality to your site. Recipes use existing core features and contributed modules to add funcationality and content to your site without adding new functionality that cannot already be found elsewhere.

We very much appreciate your feedback on this and all of our recipes.

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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.