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Provides additional Views handlers for Ubercart's Attributes, Options and Adjustments.
These additional Views fields, filters and relationships are helpful to produce
more complete Views of Products and Ordered Products.


  • Ubercart Attributes (uc_attributes, part of the Ubercart project).


Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

Upon installation, this module creates a pivot table uc_ordered_product_options that contains information on the options selected for ordered products (that is, products that are in orders). This table has to be built manually when the module is first installed. You will see a "red dot" next to "Reports". Clicking that red dot will bring you to Backdrop's Status report. There you can click the link to built the uc_ordered_product_options.

Important: For orders placed before this module is enabled, the uc_ordered_product_options table is built using the current values for option price and weight adjustments (not the ones used when the product was first ordered). This is unavoidable, given the limitations of Ubercart's attribute architecture. If those values have changed since products were first ordered, the values in this table for past orders may be inaccurate. However, the records for all new orders will be accurate.

To clarify: despite these potential accuracy issues for past ordered products, this module will not modify any of the information in the Ubercart core tables. All totals and ordered product information will remain intact.

Description and examples

The handlers provided by this module will allow users to produce more complete
Views of Ubercart Products, and Ubercart Ordered Products


  • Ubercart Products are basically nodes that can be added to the cart. They are created
    through Content > Add new content
  • Ubercart Ordered Products are the way Ubercart stores products that your customers
    have purchased, that is, products that have been put into an order during the checkout process.

Provided handlers for UC Products

These handlers are found under the groups "Product attributes" and "Product attribute options".

  • Attributes (field): this field produces a list of the attributes attached to a product (see example). For example, if your "T-shirt"
    has attributes "Size" and "Color", the filter will show both.
  • Product attribute options (field): this field allows you to display price, cost or weight
    adjustments for a product that has attributes (see example below). For example, if you have defined
    an attribute "Size" with three options (Large, Medium, Small) with sell price adjustments for each, you can use this
    field to display the adjustment for a given attribute/option for the product.
  • Has attributes (filter): this boolean filter allows you to filter products that have/do not have attributes attached to it.

Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 5 59 50 PM

Provided handlers for UC Products that have SKU adjustments

When you add attributes and options to a product, UC Attributes allows you to "adjust" the SKU of each
of those combinations. For example, you can create different SKUs for red-small t-shirts, red-medium, etc. The handlers
provided here allow you to display and filter some of these adjustments.

These handlers are found under the group "Products with SKU adjustments".

  • Has SKU adjustment (filter): this filter allows you to filter products that have/do not have SKU adjustments.
  • Adjusted SKU (field): displays the adjusted SKU for products (see example).
  • Adjustment attributes (field): displays the attributes for products that have adjusted SKUs (see example).
  • Stock from products with SKU adjustments (relationship): allows you to create a relationship to the Stock table, so taht you can show, for example, stock levels for products with adjusted SKUs. Before this handler, the only way to check stock level for adjusted SKUs was through the module UC Reports (non-view).
  • [Attribute name] (filter): filter products with adjusted SKUs by the attribute options.

Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 9 08 13 PM

Provided handlers for UC Ordered Products

Ordered Products are products that belong to an order. This module creates a new table to store adjustments (cost, price and weight) as well as customized option names for Ordered Products. This is done to remediate some poor design in UC Attributes, where options and adjustments are saved as a serialized string in the uc_order_product table. The new table created by this module, uc_ordered_product_options, is initially populated by looking up the current cost, price and weight of the associated options. This means that, if the option's cost, price or weight adjustments have change since the product was originally purchased, or if the original product was deleted, the resulting entries in the new table may NOT be completely accurate, and the Views created with this module may also not be accurate (in terms of the price/cost/weight adjustments). However, after this module is enabled, products in any new purchases are saved in the new table accurately and correctly.

These handlers are found within the groups "Ordered products" and "Ordered product options".

  • Ordered product ID (field): shows the internal ID of the ordered product (see example).
  • Attribute options (filter): filters ordered products by attribute options.
  • Options (field): shows a list of the chosen options for an ordered product. This field can also display the price adjustment for those options.

Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 9 47 53 PM


Created and maintained for Backdrop by argiepiano

Inspired by an issue in Drupal 7 Ubercart's issue queue and code created by [DamienMcKenna[( and bugfolder


This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.