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This module is a simple config recipe developed to help illustrated what can
be done with a module that only contains config files and CSS.

This particular module creates a Testimonial content type with fields for

  • author
  • image
  • body (text of testimonial)

It also comes with

  • a custom image style
  • a view page and view block that display a 3 column grid of testimonials
  • a CSS file with stying for testimonials

This recipe now comes with 3 sample testimonials to help you immediately
see how it works. Please, delete this sample content and add your own.


Requires BackdropCMS 1.20 or greater.


  • This recipe can be found in the Recipes package on the modules
    page (admin/modules/list).

  • Install this like any other module using the official Backdrop CMS
    instructions at

  • Disabling and uninstalling this module will not delete any of the
    configuration that this module provides, but will disable the CSS
    files that came with this module.

  • Either add the testimonial page to your menu OR place the views
    testimonial block on any page.


After enabling the module and experimenting with it a bit. Delete
the sample content and create your own testimonials.

  • Go to Content > Add Content > Testimonial or /node/add/testimonial
  • Create several testimonials with or without images
  • View results at /testimonials

Uninstall or Upgrate Options

It is not currently possible to uninstall or upgrade this recipe.
If you no longer wish to keep this functionality, you will need
to remove the items added by the recipe manually.


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

Please, use the issue queue to tell us how the recipe worked for you and
to share your ideas on how to improve it for other users.


We are experimenting with config recipes and welcome your feedback. Please,
let us know how this config recipe worked for you and how you think we
could improve it for other users in the future.

Current Maintainers



This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.