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This module provides a simple abstraction to use the Stripe PHP SDK. This
module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.


  • Features from the webform_stripe module are included in the 2.x version.


  • Once the dependencies are in place, install this module using the official
    Backdrop CMS instructions
  • Configure the module at Configuration > Web Services > Stripe
    (admin/config/services/stripe), adding your Stripe API keys and
    setting preferences.


The main way to make Stripe API calls is using the stripe_api_call function.

 * Makes a call to the Stripe API.
 * @param string $obj
 *   Stripe object. Can be a Charge, Refund, Customer, Subscription, Card, Plan,
 *   Coupon, Discount, Invoice, InvoiceItem, Dispute, Transfer, TransferReversal,
 *   Recipient, BankAccount, ApplicationFee, FeeRefund, Account, Balance, Event,
 *   Token, BitcoinReceiver, FileUpload.
 * @param string $method
 *   Stripe object method. Common operations include retrieve, all, create,
 * @param mixed $params
 *   Additional params to pass to the method. Can be an array, string.
 * @return Stripe\ApiResource
 *   Returns the ApiResource or NULL on error.
stripe_api_call($obj, $method = NULL, $params = NULL) { ... }

// Examples.

// Get a customer object.
$customer = stripe_api_call('customer', 'retrieve', 'cus_id123123123');
$customer->email = NEW_EMAIL;

// Create a customer object.
$customer = stripe_api_call('customer', 'create', array(
  'email' => $user->mail,

// Delete a customer.
$customer = stripe_api_call('customer', 'retrieve', 'cus_id123123123');

// List customers.
$list = stripe_api_call('customer', 'all', array('limit' => 5));

This module provides a secure Stripe webhook (events are validated) and provides
two hooks for you to implement in your custom module. See stripe.api.php for API

This is an unofficial Stripe module and is not associated with Stripe.


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in this module's
Issue Queue.

Current Maintainers


Stripe Bindings

  • Note: Stripe's PHP bindings have been
    packaged and incuded in this module. (Version 13.7.0). The Stripe bindings
    are released under the MIT license.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.