A simple module that themes Backdrop's admin tabs so they are consistent across themes and in a consistent location, fixed to the bottom of the screen.

The current version is "mobile-friendly" and will be "optimized" in the long run.

No config required, enable it and enjoy! CSS is low specificity and easy to override if different colors/fonts/etc are preferable.


###Consistent across themes
Treating admin tabs as a global element is great for new users! (takes a little getting used to if you're a long time Backdrop/Drupal user)

Screenshot of tabs in multiple themes

Secondary tab screenshot

Screenshot of tabs

Known issues

If there are more tabs than there is horizontal space they'll disappear from view. This can be an issue with sites that have a lot of view modes, or on really small screens, the current 'disappearing act' is a stop gap so the layout doesn't break. Going to explore some different design solutions to that problem to see what works best.