State Override

In the process of implementing the move to configuration in core (CMI), most of
the configuration variables started to be stored in special JSON files. And they
are possible to override from settings.php file using
the configuration overrides

However, some of the variables weren't found as actually configuration
and they started to be stored in specially implemented states storage system. Unlike configuration variables the "state" varriables are used for saving long-term
values in the database that are environment-specific. Examples of some "state"
varaibles are:


This small utility module makes it possible to override the "state" variables in
the same manner the configuration variables can be overriden from the settings.php file.
It is especially useful, for example, if you need to sync databases between
environments which at the same time must be in different maintenance mode.


  • Install and enable State Override module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at;
  • Alternatively use Brush and get it downloaded,
    installed and enabled with a single CLI command brush -y en state_override.


Open the file settings.php and add your state overrides like so:

$config['state']['maintenance_mode'] = TRUE;
$config['state']['cron_key'] = 'w5AXKo9UdkoVRp9rT_0gqtdG2h322LGJ_sYuJN6aWpk1';

Credits and current Maintainers


This project is GPL v3 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for the complete text.