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Special Menu Items is a module that enables "placeholder" and "separator" menu
items. A placeholder is a menu item which is actually not a link. Something like
this is useful with drop down menus where the goal is to have a parent link
which is actually not linking to a page, but which is just acting as a parent,
grouping some children below it. A separator menu item is something like
"------" which is also not linking anywhere but merely a way to structure menus.

This module depends on the core Menu module. It is meant to be used with
drop-down menus (introduced in core after Backdrop 1.5.0), or you will not be
able to acess children of nolink menu items.


  • User can create a new menu item and place either <nolink> or <separator>
    in the Path field (without quotes).
  • When the menu is rendered any <nolink> item will be rendered similar to a
    normal menu link item, but there will be no link, just the title. Since
    version 1.3 you can change the HTML tag used for the menu item.
  • When the menu is rendered any <separator> item will be rendered as an item
    which has no link, and the default title will be "-------". Since version
    1.3 it is possible to change both the HTML tag and the title.
  • Breadcrumb of <nolink> will be rendered same as <nolink> menu item.
  • A "nolink" CSS class is added to <nolink> menu items.
  • A "seperator" CSS class is added to <seperator> menu items.


  1. Copy the special_menu_items folder to your /modules directory.
  2. Go to Administration -> Functionality -> Modules (admin/modules) and enable
    the module.
  3. Configure the module settings at Administration -> System -> Special Menu
    Items (admin/config/system/special_menu_items).


Just overwrite (or replace) the older special_menu_items folder with the newer


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory
for complete text.


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This module is a fork of the Drupal version developed by Servit Open Source
and maintained by Khaled Zaidan

Written by Tamir Al Zoubi and Karim Djelid - Servit Open Source Solutions