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According to
the Shortcut module was removed from Backdrop core as "a feature not used by the
majority of websites". This module brings it back to Backdrop as a contributed


Download and place the recommended version of the module in your website's
modules directory, go to the Functionality page (/admin/modules) and
enable the Shortcut module.

Alternatively, use Brush and just run:

brush -y en shortcut

on your terminal and it will automatically download and enable the module.


Go to Configuration > User interface > Shortcuts (admin/config/user-interface/shortcut)
page to manage shortcut sets. You can create new shortcut sets, delete existing
ones, change set names, list links and add or delete shortcut links.

Go to Configuration > User accounts > Permissions (admin/config/people/permissions#module-shortcut)
and set desired permissions for user roles.

Admins can assign specific shortcut sets to users on their individual account pages (user/[uid]/shortcuts).


There are two ways of displaying the shortcuts:

  1. Go to Structure > Layouts > [select layout] > Manage blocks and add the
    Shortcuts block to any region (for example, to HEADER region). You can style the
    Shortcut block output;


  1. Go to Configuration > User accounts > Permissions (admin/config/people/permissions#module-admin_bar)
    and give authenticated (or any other) role the Access administration bar
    permission, clear cache and the new Shortcuts menu item will appear on the
    admin bar.


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Ported by AltaGrade team.