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What does this module do?

  • This module provides seamless integration of Shopify with your Backdrop site.
  • Products, images, tags and collections are synced instantly via webhooks or on demand via batches.
  • Complete webhook support for Shopify events. Listen for events in Shopify and trigger your own events in code. (Rules support coming soon.)
  • Product tags and collections are represented by customizable taxonomy terms and pages.
  • Products, tags, and collections are fieldable. Add your own custom fields to Shopify's. Custom field values are preserved when products are synced.
  • Complete Views support for all Shopify product fields and the "add to cart" form.
  • Creates a customizable set of Views pages for displaying products located at /products, /products/tags/TAG_ID, and /products/collections/COLLECTION_ID
  • Creates a block with links to each Collection page to use as a menu. New collections are added automatically.
  • Provides a cart block which shows the amount of items in a user's cart and links to their cart. Will create a font awesome cart image if Font Awesome is installed.
  • Product variants and product variant pricing is supported.
  • A Shopify theme generator is included to ensure that the transition from your Backdrop site to the Shopify checkout process is seamless.
  • Handy links to edit products and other common places on Shopify right from Backdrop.
  • Drush integration to retrieve products, sync, and more.
  • Products are integrated with Backdrop core search and custom view modes for search are provided.
  • Currently the module does not tie orders to Backdrop users, but it's possible using the Shopify API.

This module is in no way an official project of Shopify.

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  • Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue.

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.