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A standardized solution for building API's so that external clients can
communicate with Backdrop.


  • Create a unified Backdrop API for web services to be exposed in a variety of
    different server formats.
  • Provide a service browser to be able to test methods.
  • Allow distribution of API keys for developer access.



If you are using the rest server you will need to download the latest version of SPYC:
wget -O servers/rest_server/lib/spyc.php

Once downloaded you need to add spyc.php to the rest_server/lib folder which exists under
the location you have installed services in.

Documentation files

You can find these files in /docs folder.
services.authentication.api.php -- hooks related to authentication plugins
services.servers.api.php -- servers definition hooks -- definition of new services
services.versions.api.php -- how to write versioned resources

Settings via variables

'services_{$resource}_index_page_size' -- this variable controls maximum number of results that
will be displayed by index query. See services_resource_build_index_query() for more information.

How To Install

  1. Install according to usual Backdrop installation instructions.
  2. Enable in admin/modules.
  3. See for further instructions.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.



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