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The Range module defines various numeric range field types for the Field module.
Ranges can be in integer, decimal, or floating-point form, and they can be
formatted when displayed. Range fields can be limited to a specific set of input
values or to a range of values.


  • Install as usual
  • Add a range field in the field UI
  • Manage the display of the prefix/suffix and separator at the field display UI.


Field types:

  • Integer range (range_integer)
  • Float range (range_float)
  • Decimal range (range_decimal)

The following settings can be specified:

  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Precision and scale [for decimal ranges]
  • Decimal separator [for decimal and float ranges]
  • FROM value prefix and suffix
  • TO value prefix and suffix
  • FIELD value prefix and suffix
  • COMBINED value prefix and suffix


  • Two textfields

Widget options:

  • FROM and TO form subelements labels


  • Default
  • Formatted string (using sprintf())
  • Unformatted

Formatter options:

  • Range separator
  • Combine equal values into a single one
  • Thousand separator
  • Decimal separator [for decimal & float ranges]
  • Scale [for decimal & float ranges]
  • Show FROM value prefix & suffix
  • Show TO value prefix & suffix
  • Show FIELD value prefix & suffix
  • Show COMBINED value prefix & suffix

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.