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Rabbit Hole is a module that adds the ability to control what should happen when
an entity such as a content item, taxonomy term, or user account is being
viewed at its own page.

Perhaps you have a content type that never should be displayed on its own page,
like an image content type that's displayed in a carousel. Rabbit Hole can
prevent this node from being accessible on its own page, through a path such
as node/xx.


This works by providing multiple options to control what should happen when it
is being viewed at its own page. You have the ability to

  • Deliver an access denied page.
  • Deliver a page not found page.
  • Issue a page redirect to any path or external url, including tokens
    if desired.
  • Display the page as usual.

This is configurable (for example in the content type, taxonomy term, and
user account configuration pages). There is also a permission that
allows certain roles override Rabbit Hole completely.

Other options

If you just need a simple way to prevent node content of a certain type from
being displayed, you may not need Rabbit Hole. Backdrop core now provides a
"Hide path display" option under the "Display settings" tab when configuring
a content type. This causes a "Page not found" notice to display for users
without a special permission to "View hidden paths."



Please view and contribute to the Wiki for further instructions.


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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.