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Prism is a new lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web
standards in mind. It’s a spin-off from Dabblet and is
tested there daily by thousands.

This module is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal contributed module


This port is functional.


Install as usual. See:

Prism can be download from

This module requires both prism.js & prism.css to be located in:


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.

Current Maintainers

For Drupal:

Port to Backdrop:

To use this module enable the syntax filter in one of the text format settings
pages e.g. admin/config/content/formats/full_html.

Once enabled, your code simply needs to be wrapped in the correct syntax, and
inserted into any text area. Here is an example using css highlighting:

[prism:css] body {color:green;} [/prism:css]

Read more about this library at, also, read
this blog post by Lea Verou
introducing it.