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The Patch Info module allows you to add information about patches to a
modules .info file. It will show the information prominently in the
update report and on the update manager form.


This module does not depend on any other modules.


  • Drush (
    When enabled, you can use drush patchinfo-list to get a list of
    patches applied to Drupal core or contributed modules on your system.
    Refer to drush help patchinfo-list for a list of available options.



  • Add information about a patch

    In the .info file of a patched module, add a new entry like the one
    shown below:

    patch[] = Issue 1739718, Patch #32

    You can add multiple entries. Each entry should start with the URL
    of the issue or patch followed by any kind of information about the
    patch. The URL is optional.

    You can use any URL or description, that is convenient to you.

    If you are patching a submodule, you may add the patch entry to the
    .info file of the submodule.

  • Exclude module from update check

    The module will extend the update report settings form at Reports »
    Available Updates » Settings with a textarea, where you can list
    modules, that should be excluded from the update check. List one
    module per line. Use the machine readable module name of the module.
    Modules, which are excluded from the update check will be displayed
    prominently above the update report.


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