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Provides a small collection of drush utilities to deploy configuration changes
to Backdrop CMS sites on Pantheon with their configuration in version control.



  • First, install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at
  • Paste the code snippet found in settings.snippet.php into your
    settings.local.php file or equivalent, directly after the last definition
    of the $config_directories variable.


This is a developer module specifically for Backdrop CMS sites on Pantheon.
It installs a collection of drush utilities that can be used to temporarily
configure a Backdrop CMS site on Pantheon to use the writeable file system
for configuration management.

To use this module:

  • Ensure your site's active configuration IS in your repo, and is NOT in
    the writeable filesystem.
  • Visit the module's config page to save your config location settings at
  • When local changes modify or create JSON config files, use a workflow
    similar to the one below to deploy those changes to ENV(s)

Basic workflow:

  • First, make config affecting changes on your local environment, commit, and push. Then...
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV pcrc REMOVES any temporary config files from SITE.ENV
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV pccc CLONES your pre-deploy active config into the temporary config directory
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV state-set maintenance_mode 1 Optionally turn Maintenance Mode ON while changes are imported
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV pcwc 1 TURN ON Writeable Configuration
  • terminus upstream:updates:apply SITE.ENV --updatedb --accept-upstream ONLY IF you're using an upstream, or just push like normal //
  • git push origin [master / multidev env] ONLY IF you're not using an upstream, otherwise use the option above ^^
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV bcim IMPORT configuration changes in the repo
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV pcrc TURN OFF writeable config and cleanup the files
  • terminus drush SITE.ENV state-set maintenance_mode 0 Maintenance mode OFF assuming you turned it on


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.