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The Organic Groups Subgroups module (also referred to as the 'og-subgroups'
+module), provides propagation of user memberships and content memberships to

This module enables a user with the proper permissions to build group hierarchies (or tree) by nesting groups under other groups. Simple or complex group hierarchies can be easily created.

When a hierarchy has been established, user memberships and/or content posted to a group can be propagated up, down or sideways along the tree. So when a user joins a group, their membership can also get created in other parent, child or sibling groups. Separate propagation settings can be applied for content and membership propagation.

There are two types of propagation. The first type is group user inheritance,
which allows users from a parent group to propagate to all child groups. This
also propagates a user's permissions.

The second type is entity membership propagation. This allows an entity's
membership to be propagated up or down the group hierarchy when adding a
new group or group content to an existing group.

Installation & Configuration

Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions

For basic user membership inheritance:

  1. Go to the OG field settings page (admin/config/group/fields).
  2. Select a bundle to attach the inheritance field to using the Entities dropdown.
  3. Select the Group user inheritance field in the Fields dropdown.
  4. Click 'Add field'.
  5. Navigate to the content type to configure field defaults if desired.

This module provides two fields under /admin/config/group/fields:

  • Group user inheritance: Determines if the subgroups of a group will inherit its users
  • Group user permission inheritance: Determines how permissions are given for inherited users

For more information, search the Drupal 7 version issue queue, and this module's issue queue. Some helpful posts:


Current Maintainers

  • Ported to Backdrop CMS and maintained by argiepiano
  • Seeking co-maintainers

Drupal 7 version maintainers:


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.