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This module lets the administrator alter the HTML head of a node
to instruct well-behaved search engine robots to not index the node.
This will prevent the node from appearing in search engine results.

Reasons why you may want to do this is to tell robots not to index
pages on your web site that:

  • Are unimportant
  • Are transitory
  • Contains personal and/or sensitive data

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  1. Install as you would normally install a contributed Backdrop CMS
    module. See: Installing modules for further information.

  2. Enable the Node noindex module on the Modules list page.

  3. Proceed to configure the module as described in the configuration
    section below.


To configure the module, you need the permission “Administer node

To enable the noindex option for a node content type navigate to the
configure the node type. For example, to enable it for the node
type Post, navigate to Administration » Structure » Content
types » Post
and click the configure link. Look for “Search engine
settings” in the vertical tabs. There are two check boxes: “Enable
noindex option” and “Set noindex as default”. The first enables the
noindex option for the content type, the second makes noindex the
default when creating new content of the type. This setting does not
effect nodes that already exist.

When you've enabled the noindex option for a content type, you will
find a vertical tab for “Search engine settings” in the vertical tabs
when you edit an individual node of the type. This let you check “Set
noindex in HTML head”. Checking this box and saving the node sets
the robots metatag to noindex and removes the canonical relation
added by core in the HTML head of this node.

Views integration

The module exposes the field “No index” to Views.

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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.