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This module allows to convert one or many nodes between different node types.
It can convert the most popular field types: text, link, image, file, entity
reference, node / term / user reference.

The module provides:

  • an API for converting nodes
  • hooks for executing additional behaviors on conversion
  • integrates with hook_node_operations and Backdrop's Action API
  • integration with Rules


Configuration and Usage

Basic instructions are below. More details may be found (or added) in the Wiki

Single node conversion:

  1. Set 'administer conversion' and 'convert to x', 'convert from y' permissions.
  2. Go to node/x/convert and follow the provided steps to convert the node.

Multiple node conversion:

  1. Set appropriate permissions.
  2. Go to admin/structure/node_convert_templates
  3. Create a new template following the the provided steps.
  4. Go to admin/content
  5. Select the relevant nodes.
  6. Choose "Convert content" from the update options and click "Execute"
  7. Select the conversion template you wish to use.
  8. Click Update.


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue

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This project is GPL-2.0 (or later) software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.