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This is a basic theme built with mini.css ver.3.0.0 - minimal,
responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework.


  • select one from a few pre-built color schemes (or "flavors") available out of the box;
  • ability to make your site's header and / or footer sticky;
  • select which one of menus will be used as main site navigation;
  • enable and disable theme debugging without need to use "Devel" module.

All features described above can be set on the theme settings page.

This theme can be used as "starter" theme for your own sub-theme
and present only minimally themed two layouts used in default Backdrop setup:
"Boxton" for home page and "Moscone Flipped" for internal pages, so it may be
extended for another layouts by adding your own new templates as need.

File css/custom.css is intended for your styles tuning without subtheming - you can edit this
file as you need, but remember to backup this file in case of theme upgrade.


Install this theme using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at


Settings page located at admin/appearance/settings/minicss, where you may
change any default theme settings.


For bug reports, feature or support requests, please use the theme
issue queue at

Current Maintainers

Vladimir (


Original work by Angelos Chalaris (


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.

Please note: framework mini.css is licensed under MIT License.
See the LICENSE file in the css/dist directory.