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Mathjax for Backdrop CMS

This module integrates the MathJax library into your Backdrop site. MathJax is the
modern JavaScript-based LaTeX rendering solution for the Internet.


Using the MathJax CDN (recommended)

  1. Install and enable this module.

  2. Add the MathJax filter to an existing or new text format under
    Administration >> Configuration >> Text Formats. Put the MathJax filter at
    the bottom of the "Filter processing order".

  3. Test it by adding a LaTeX formula between '$' in any node body (for example:
    $2 + 2 = 4$). Select the body text format you configured on the Text Formats
    administration screen.

Using a local copy of MathJax (relies on libraries module)

  1. Install and enable this module.

  2. Install and enable "libraries". See

  3. Install the third-party MathJax software:
    Download MathJax source from the MathJax website.
    Un-archive it into your "libraries" directory.
    You may need to create the "libraries" directory first.
    Rename it to "mathjax" (lower case).



Current Maintainer

Roberto Scalas (

Original Author

Module written by Thomas Julou.



2013: Chris McCafferty (cilefen)

2014: P. Magunia (pmagunia)


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.