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The Maillog module provides a method of keeping archival copies of all emails
sent through the site. It can also, optionally, display a copy of the email
using the Devel module, if present.


  • All emails being sent by the site may have a copy stored in the database for
    later review.

  • All email delivery may be halted, preventing a site from sending out emails
    in situations where that might not be needed, e.g. for a local development
    copy of the site.

  • If the Devel module is installed, emails
    can also be displayed on the page as they are being sent.

  • If the MailSystem module is
    installed it is possible to control which of the installed email modules will
    be used to send messages from Maillog's settings page, mirroring MailSystem's


  1. On the User Accounts Permissions administration page ("Administer >> Configure

    People >> Permissions") there are three permissions to control:

    • The "Administer Maillog" permission allows users to access the settings
      page to control the module's options.

    • The "View Maillog" permission allows users to access the Maillog list page
      at admin/reports/maillog.

    • The "Delete Entries from the log" permission allows users to delete items
      from the log page.

  2. The main administrative page controls the module's settings page:

Troubleshooting / known issues

If the email is not being logged then the site's default email system is not
configured correctly. It is recommended to use the MailSystem module to help with this. Alternatively, edit
the system.mail.json file in your active config folder:

  "default-system": "MaillogMailSystem",

Related modules

Some similar modules that are available include:


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.

Current Maintainers

  • Seeking maintainers.


This module is a port of the SMTP module for Drupal which was written and maintained by a large number of contributors, including:

Maintained by Miro Dietiker, Sascha Grossenbacher and Damien McKenna