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NOTE: The Libraries API contrib module has been deprecated, as equivalent
functionality has been added to Backdrop core. This module will not receive any
further updates.

If a module you're trying to use depends on Libraries API, please suggest to the
module maintainer that they update their module to use core's library functions

If you're a module maintainer and currently depend on Libraries API, please
replace Libraries API-specific functions with their Backdrop core equivalents:

hook_libraries_info() -> hook_library_info()
hook_libraries_info_alter() -> hook_library_info_alter()
libraries_load() -> backdrop_add_library()
libraries_info() -> backdrop_get_library()
Note that this isn't simply a matter of renaming the functions. You will need to
rewrite some of your code. Check the API documentation for more information.

In general, Libraries API shouldn't be needed on Backdrop sites, since 3rd party
libraries should be bundled into the modules that require them. If you have
a use case that can't currently be solved without having to use Libraries API,
then please file an issue to address that use case in Backdrop core:

If your module requires a 3rd party library that is already used and bundled by
another module, then your module should either depend on that other module, or
the 3rd party library should be split out of the "parent" module that it used to
ship with, and moved into a new contrib library-only module. This new separate
module will only be used to hold the library (implementing hook_library_info()
/hook_library_info_alter()). Then all other contrib modules that require the
3rd party library, should declare the library module as a dependency in their
.info files, using dependencies[] = name_of_library_module.

This module is a Backdrop port of Drupal's contributed module
'Libraries'. Libraries API provides
external library handling for other Backdrop modules.


Current Maintainers

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.