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The Image Effects module provides a suite of additional image effects that
can be added to image styles. Image styles let you create derivations of images
by applying (a series of) effect(s) to it. Think of resizing, desaturating,
masking, etc.

The additional effects that Image Effects provides include:

  • Change file format: e.g. Optimize image size by saving as webp. If you need
    transparency in jpg's, make them png or webp.
  • Watermark: e.g. Place a image with transparency anywhere over a source
  • Overlay: e.g. Add photo-corners or a frame to the image.
  • Text overlay: e.g. Add a copyright notice to your image.
  • Color-shifting: e.g. Colorize images.
  • Brighten/Darken.
  • Alpha blending: Use a gray scale image to define the transparency layer of
    an image.
  • Canvas manipulation: Resize the canvas and add a background color or
  • Rounded corners.

These effects are grouped in sub-modules. Just enable the ones you want to use.

The Image styles admin submodule adds the ability to duplicate and flush
existing image styles quickly and easily.


  • The core image module.
  • If you use the module:// notation anywhere in an image effect, you must now
    install the System Stream Wrapper


Usage / Documentation

  • Additional documentation is located in the


  • Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the
    Issue Queue

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the
file in this directory for complete text.