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1.x-3.9 (21.36 KB) Apr 28th, 2020 Notes

You may build HAX from source if needed. HAX defaults to use CDNs which will effectively point to
this directory or some mutation of it --

If you want to build everything from source, your welcome to use yarn / npm to do so though our
build routine effectively will end in the same net result. If you want to do custom build routines
such as rollup or webpack and not use our prebuilt copies / split build approaches, then your welcome
to check the box related to not loading front end assets in the settings page in order to tailor
the build to your specific needs.

Getting dependencies

You need polymer cli (not polymer but the CLI library) in order to interface with web components in your site. Get polymer cli installed prior to usage of this (and (yarn)[] / an npm client of some kind)

$ yarn global add polymer-cli

Perform this on your computer locally, this doesn't have to be installed on your server.


Shouldn't I put web components in my theme?

We don't think so. While it may seem counter intuitive, the theme layer should be effectively implementing what the site is saying is available. If you think of standard HTML tags are being part of this (p, div, a, etc) then it makes a bit more sense. You don't want functional HTML components to ONLY be supplied if your theme is there, you want your theme to implement and leverage the components.

New to web components?

We built our own tooling to take the guess work out of creating, publishing and testing web components for HAX and other projects. We highly recommend you use this tooling though it's not required: