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Standalone module that provides tokens with geolocation information based on
IP addresses.

  • Country code [geoip_tokens:country_code]
  • Latitude [geoip_tokens:latitude]
  • Longitude [geoip_tokens:longitude]
  • Timezone name [geoip_tokens:timezone]

The information is retrieved from external services, the IP addresses get
anonymized to comply with GDPR.

To make use of this module, your Backdrop site must be able to do external
requests - which is usually the case.

The services (see credits section below) get randomly queried, the results for
the anonymized IPs get cached in a local database for a while, to avoid too
many requests.

Use cases

Typical use-cases are sites that provide services that need some infos about
the visitor's or user's geographical position.

For example, to center a map, to redirect to specific pages or forms for
different countries, to display messages with country specific info, or to
display dates in the proper timezone.

Rules support

Additionally to the tokens, this module also ships with Rules support.
Two conditions are available:

  • Compare the current IP with a configurable list of countries
  • Check if current IP is within the European Union

Precision of results

The results are not as exact as, for instance, GPS. Geolocation based on IP
addresses can only be approximate. The results may even be wrong for a
while, until a service provider updates outdated information. So don't blindly
rely on the results.

When not to use this module

This module has been written with low- to medium-traffic sites in mind. If your
site has really high traffic on pages that use the tokens, you might easily
burst the (generous) limits of the providers in use. Although this module tries
to distribute the load and to cache locally. "High traffic" means: thousands of
requests per day.

For developers

While tokens can be helpful, you might need something more specific, like
juggling with GeoIP data via hook_form_alter().

In this case use the function geoip_tokens_get_geoip_info() directly. Its
optional parameter can be one of:

  • all (the default)
  • latlon
  • country_code
  • timezone

You get a keyed array of values.

If you need to get things working with cached pages and anonymous users, use the
Ajax API. See the example in js/geoip_tokens.js, note that the ajax
parameters are slightly different.

Backdrop.geoipTokens.getData('ccode').success(function (data) {
  // Your callback here.
  // "data" contains the values you requested.


No library or binary database file required. This module is really


Bugs and feature requests should be reported in the
Issue Queue.

Current Maintainer


Created for Backdrop CMS by Indigoxela

External services in use:


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.