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The Flickr module embeds images hosted on Flickr with a link to the
corresponding Flickr page.

  • Flickr images can be displayed in blocks, within content or as fields.
  • Open Flickr photos in Colorbox, Lightbox or alike.
  • Show user/group photostreams and sets as responsive slideshows.
  • Image caption with the Flickr title, date taken, where and by who.
  • Show the longer Flickr description on hover if it exists.

The content of this file is based on the online documentation that can be found
at It is recommended to read
it there, as it is more detailed.



This module requires Backdrop 1.X and a Flickr API key.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.


  • Martin Postma (lolandese)
  • See the file in this directory for a list of all committers.


It is recommended to enable the Colorbox module prior to installation of the
Flickr module. This avoids some manual configuration.

Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

Configure the API Key and settings at '/admin/config/media/flickr'.

Allow permissions '/admin/people/permissions'.


The image size can be one of the following:

Suffix - Label - Size in pixel:

  • s - Square - small square 75x75
  • t - Thumbnail - 100 on longest side
  • q - Large Square - big square 150x150
  • m - Small - 240 on longest side
  • n - Small 320 - 320 on longest side
    • Medium - 500 on longest side
  • z - Medium 640 - 640 on longest side
  • c - Medium 800 - 800 on longest side
  • b - Large - 1024 on longest side
  • h - Large 1600 - 1600 on longest side
  • k - Large 2048 - 2048 on longest side
  • o - Original - original image, either a jpg, gif or png, depending on source
  • x - Slideshow - Responsive slideshow (for group, set and user IDs only)
  • y - Basic slideshow - Basic responsive slideshow (for set and user IDs only)

For square images ('s': 75px and 'q': 150px) no real width needs to be fetched, giving it a performance advantage over other sizes. Recommended if you include many images.

TAKE CARE, the c (800px) size is missing on Flickr images uploaded before March 1, 2012. Check if it exists on the Flickr photo page > Actions > View all sizes.

Embedded Flickr images have a maximum width of the region they are in. This means they adapt to it if they are bigger (responsive). You can use this on purpose to "fill up" e.g. the side bar.


A video in an album of thumbnails shows as a still image, but can be played when
opened in Colorbox with the option to show in fullscreen mode. Make sure that
'Enable Colorbox inline' is selected at admin/config/media/colorbox.

Alternatively, to 'play' the videos embedded on a site:

  • Put the videos (one or more) you want to display together in a set.
  • Show the set in the node body, a block or a Flickr field using the size x for
    a slideshow or y for the basic version.


Settings are found at '/admin/config/media/flickr'. After changing many of the
settings below, it is often required to CLEAR THE SITE CACHE to have the changes
to take effect on existing content at '/admin/config/development/performance'.



Get an API Key at

API Shared Secret

Default Flickr User ID

To use if in the block configuration no user is specified. Must be a valid
Flickr User ID, alias, username or email address. Emails or usernames (that
might change at any given time) are internally (in the variable) replaced with a
stable NSID (Flickr ID number). These are rendered in admin forms (settings or
block config) as Flickr usernames. 'Maria Emanuela' is human readable,
'43937662@N05' is not. Internal the module still uses the Flickr ID number as it
is more reliable.


Number of photos per album

How many photos of a photoset display in your nodes if no number is specified.
Defaults to 6.

Default size for photos in an album

A default Flickr size to use. This will be used when no size is specified, for
example [flickr- photoset:id-72157634563269642]. TAKE CARE, the c (800px) size
is missing on Flickr images uploaded before March 1, 2012. Defaults to s: 75 px square. Thanks to
the default setting you can change the size of all images without a specified
size on the site in one go.

Minimum width to display a title caption

Small images have little space for a title caption. Replaces it with the text
"Flickr" that links to the photo page on Flickr to comply with their Guidelines.
After saving the configuration clear the site cache. Defaults to 100 px. Set it
to 0 px to always include a title caption or 999 px to always exclude.

The presence of a caption is solely reliant on the values of this configuration
fields and the one below.

The text 'Flickr' gets added as a caption that links to the correspondent Flickr
photo page if:

  • clicking the image links to a bigger version of it, using lightbox/colorbox or
  • the title caption that links to the Flickr photo page is suppressed
    (depending on the size). Setting a 'class' or 'rel' value in the 'overlay
    browser settings' (colorbox/lightbox), even one that is not valid, always
    links the image to a bigger version of it.

Minimum image width to display date, location, photographer and optionally

license info under the caption ###
Suppress extra info on small images. After saving the configuration clear the
cache. Defaults to 150 px. Set it to 0 px to always include or 999 px to always
exclude. Adds date, location and photographer info to the caption on images of a
certain width. The date is in the form of 'time ago'. The photographer's Real
Name is used, if not available the Username. In the caption it links to the user
page on Flickr. The license info is optional (see below).

License icon

Radio buttons

  • No
  • On the image on mouse-over only (small in the top left corner, on hover).
    NOTE: Does not display with the Flickr Style 'Enlarge'.
  • On the image (small in the top left corner, always)
  • In the caption

To give proper attribution. Used is the nonintrusive CC icon font in
'flickr_cc_icons.css'. It links to the corresponding Creative Commons human
friendly info page. Download it if you prefer to host it yourself locally (CC
4.0 licensed, give credit somewhere). Extract it in your theme folder and
substitute the default used remote source that can be found in the module's
'flickr_cc_icons.css' file. Just replace '//'
with '[path to your theme folder]/cc-icons- cc-icons-772e090/'.

License restriction for 'public' queries

Radio buttons

  • Always restrict 'public' queries to only Creative Commons licensed media.
  • Do not restrict media to Creative Commons licensed on 'public' queries if no
    results are returned.
  • Do not restrict media to Creative Commons licensed on 'public' queries.

With 'public' queries are intended Flickr requests that do not specify a Flickr
user or group ID, thus returning results from all public Flickr photos.

Extend the tag filter to search for matching terms also in the Flickr photo

title and description besides Flickr tags. ###
Descriptions are only searched on the album type 'user' (also 'public').
Shows more results. Can be overridden individually by the filter tag,
eg. [flickr-user:id-public, size-q, tags-Augusto Canario, extend-true] or in the
specific configuration of a Flickr block.

Extra links to Flickr maps

Include extra links to maps available for a user, group or set on
Flickr. Locations mentioned (if displayed) under individual images link to
corresponding Flickr user maps in any case, independent on the setting here.

Show a Flickr counter

Shows how many photos are displayed out of the total number available
for a user, group, set or tags on Flickr. Can be overridden by the filter tag,
eg. [flickr-photoset:id-72157634563269642, count-false]

Use Google instead of Flickr for location info (reverse geocoding)


  • In the album title
  • In the photo caption


Select fields of all defined date formats (long, medium, short) plus 'Time ago'
custom defined by the Flickr module for the following elements:

  • When hovering an image (mouse-over)
  • In the image caption
  • When hovering a date in the caption. If you don't want to display anything
    when hovering the date, select 'None'.
  • In the album title. If the selected date format contains a time, only the date
    part of it will be used in the album title.


Colorbox, Lightbox or alike. Extending Colorbox/Lightbox support to User
Profiles is still an open issue. Leave these fields empty to link directly to
the Flickr photo page instead of opening the bigger version of the image.

To have captions, you must fill in the 'class' or 'rel' field. Even if you do
not intend to use an overlay browser, this is the condition to display a
caption. This way any sites upgrading the Flickr module do not experience a
change from the 'old' behaviour, suddenly having unexpected captions. If you
want captions but don't want to use an overlay browser, just enter for example
the name of your dog in one of the fields.


Use 'colorbox' if you are using Colorbox. With Lightbox you can leave it empty.


Use 'gallery-all' if you are using Colorbox. It can be anything you want,
really. As long there is something. Use 'lightbox[gallery]' if you are using
Lightbox2. The part inside the square brackets can be anything you want but must
be one word without spaces.

NOTE: With Lightbox if you select an 'Automatic image handling' for Flickr
images, you override the behaviour set here. If you don't want that, leave it
'Disabled'. Find it at admin/config/user-interface/lightbox2/automatic

Image size to open

The image size to open in the overlay browser when clicking the image. Larger
sizes make navigating to next and previous pictures slower. TAKE CARE, the c
(800px) size is missing on Flickr images uploaded before March 1, 2012.
Defaults to -: 500 px on longest side.

Info to include when enlarging the image in Colorbox, Lightbox or alike

Usually this info is displayed under the enlarged image.
Checkboxes (multiple options can be selected).

  • Title
  • Date, location and photographer
  • Description, applies also on the text that shows on mouseover (the image
    'title' attribute)
  • License info

All selected by default except for 'License info'. This info is concatenated
with '-' separators and added as the link 'title' attribute. HTML is
stripped, double quotes are removed (it goes into the title-"[description]"
attribute) and special characters are decoded (© turns into ©). If the
title and description are identical, only the title is used.

As a side note: The description is always included as the image 'title'
attribute (shows on hover). If the description is not available the title will
be used.


Use flickr.css

Checkbox. Uncheck to take care of the styling yourself in custom CSS. Selected
by default.

More styling options are available if the submodule Flickr Style is enabled.


Update interval

The refresh interval how often to check if cached Flickr API calls are up to
date. Defaults to 1 hour.

Limit API requests for random and popularity sort

Setting a lower number enhances performance but makes random results being less
spread between one another (not less random) and returns popular (most viewed on
Flickr) only for the n most recent. Minimum 20, maximum 500. If you use cache
warming you can set the maximum (see

Use 'cURL' to determine the image width instead of 'fopen'

Used by the PHP function 'getimagesize'
Checkbox (default OFF). Your server configuration now uses 'fopen' for external
resources (used by 'getimagesize'). 'cURL' might be faster.

Use 'cURL' instead of 'stream_socket_client' (backdrop_http_request) to makedata requests

Checkbox (default OFF). Otherwise cURL will only be used as fallback when
backdrop_http_request fails.

Enable Debug Output

Radio buttons:

  • None
  • Flickr response only (as a link to an XML page in a debug message)
  • Plus Devel (Flickr response plus additional output)
    Display the Flickr XML response, all passed photo/album arguments and HTTP
    requests/response objects via the Devel module.


Only if the submodule Flickr Cache Warmer is enabled.


Smart install of Flickr Block

Checkbox (default ON). Disabled after install of Flickr Block. On install of
Flickr Block auto create Flickr taxonomy, date and geo fields on all node types
to grab Flickr photos related to the node on the same page as a Flickr block
based on tags, a date or a location. Enable Taxonomy (core), Date (including
date_popup) and Geofield before enabling Flickr Block for the first time (or
uninstall it first).

Other options appear only after the submodule Flickr Block is enabled. See


Only if the submodule Flickr Filter is enabled. See

Other Flickr module specific info for developers can be found at