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FileField Sources is a module that enhances the generic and image upload fields in Backdrop. Typically such fields only allow you to upload a file from your desktop. FileField Sources makes it so that you can populate any file field from a variety of sources, such as entering remote URLs directly, re-use existing uploaded files, pull from a server directory, or a variety of other possibilities.


  1. Place this module directory in your modules folder.
  2. Enable the module within your Backdrop site.
  3. Add or configure an existing file or image field.
  • To configure a typical node field, visit Admin -> Structure -> Content types and click "manage fields" on a type you'd like to modify. Add a new file field or edit an existing one.
  • While editing the file or image field, you'll have new options available under a "File sources" fieldset. You can enable the desired sources for that particular field.
  1. Create a piece of content that uses your file file and try it out.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.


This module is currently seeking maintainers.

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