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Backdrop CMS module to embed file entities in content using a token-like placeholder.

To embed file entities use a placeholder with brackets like [file-embed:7] or
[file-embed:7:full], where "7" is the numeric file id.
The second example shows as full entity including wrappers and attached fields (if any).

For easier embedding, this module ships with a CKEditor plugin with autocomplete.
Start typing in the Select an existing file from server form field to get suggestions
(filter is based on file names).

Dialog screenshot

The widget has no upload feature. To select files (audio/video...), these files already need to exist on the server.

Embedding files only requires View files permission.

Why a placeholder and not directly embedding the rendered file?

Because if you change something with the file itself or the file display, it's only a
matter of flushing caches to update the file display everywhere.

Note: it's recommended to place the "Correct faulty and chopped off HTML"
filter for your content format (for example filtered_html) after the "File Entity Embed
Filter", as CKEditor might wrap the tokens in paragraphs.

Advanced usage

By default this modules' autocomplete plugin filters for audio and video file entities on your server.
To include additional file types, you can edit the view (feef_autocomplete).
Adapt the views filters to your needs.

To adjust the way the matches in the dropdown list get displayed, you can add fields and/or override their display.
Please note: a fid (file ID) field is necessary for this widget to work properly.


  • Install this module using the official
    Backdrop CMS instructions
  • Make sure that visitors can "View files" (admin/config/people/permissions#module-file).
  • Go to the text format(s) of your choice and enable the "File Entity Embed Filter" (Enabled filters section).
    If CKEditor is active for this text format, drag the plugin
    to the "Active toolbar".


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the
Issue Queue

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.